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We offer confidential, cost effective and reliable legal services to our clients.   

Once retained, we will analyze your case to ensure you receive the best options available.  We will mitigate and resolve your matter in a timely fashion. Your business is important to us.


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Valour Legal Services offers many legal services including defending traffic tickets in Pembroke and Renfrew County. Our bilingual paralegal services offer a cost effective way to advocate your concerns. We will meet and exceed customers’ expectations and we offer a flexible schedule to meet our clients' needs.


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As a paralegal licensed with the Law Society of Ontario and being a retired Police Officer; it is my honour and privilege to use my knowledge and skills to represent your interests and advocate on your behalf.  

Please call or email us.       

Remember, you have nothing to lose!

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We understand the anxiety, difficulties and stress associated with your case.  

Don't Worry.  Just book an appointment and allow us to assess your case.

Valour Legal Services

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